In addition to writing, I am also a personal brand strategist and freelance media consultant. I am passionate about working with artists to develop and shape their personal brands through strategic storytelling. I have collaborated with writers, musicians, voice actors, and podcasters to craft their brand identities. Here are a few examples of my work:

Herbert Gold is a Jewish American writer of novels, memoir, essays, and stories. He's a San Francisco literary icon who has published over 30 books, but at 91, he didn't have an online presence. I came up with a clean, modern website design to showcase his work, including an Instagram-style photo series featuring all of his book covers. 

Woody & Buzzed

Woody & Buzzed is a podcast that features Dan Banas and Brian Stampnitsky discussing Woody Allen movies with comedians, writers, filmmakers, and other interesting folks. After posting the first few episodes using the logo below (white text on a black background, an homage to Woody's title cards) they weren't getting many hits because it wasn't immediately clear what the show was about.

I suggested incorporating a custom sketch of Woody Allen by storyboard artist Nate Clesowich. This is their new logo: